Digital ducktape

Creative, Solution oriented, Cooperative and collaborative, Communicative, Open source minded. Eager to share and learn.
As a software solution designer and developer I aid organisations and individuals to interconnect their knowledge and IT landscape.
My goals are:
  • enhancing data and knowledge quality
  • shortening laborious and error prone tasks or automating them completely
  • interconnecting different systems and platforms
  • teaching others to be self sufficient in all of this
Having a whole lot of fun while achieving these goals comes with the job, same as for uplifting the ones I work with to have more joy and satisfaction in whatever it is they do.
Implementing these goals tend to lower costs.


Web2py is a webdevelopment framework which excels in ease of use, stability, flexibility and allows for rapid application development. Many of my web-based digital duckttape solutions are built in Web2py and all of my larger solutions are all built with Web2py.
If you need assistance in any shape or form with regard to Web2py please use the contact page to ask for support.


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Remco Boerma
  • Remco Boerma
  • Zichtheugte 19
  • 9403 GE Assen
  • The Netherlands
  • +31-085-0021435
  • CoC:69205442 (Dutveul is een handelsnaam van verZimpel)